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Catalyst is a leading app development company specializing in creating innovative, bespoke, best-in-class mobile applications. Our team of experienced developers, designers, and project managers successfully deliver progressive solutions to clients from a broad spectrum of industries.

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What we do

We are experts in the field of mobile app development, helping you leverage technology to accomplish more than you could on your own.

Product Design

We work with our clients to remove obstacles to their success. Our approach starts with understanding the problem, progresses to developing the components needed to resolve it, and concludes with implementing the ideal solution.

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Our expertise is in building bespoke mobile apps for any environment. This enables us to implement solutions to suit every need. We have extensive experience in developing for Android, iOS and mobile web executions. Our full-stack capability means we do everything from beginning to end, starting from initial concept through to going live and maintaining product updates.

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What we believe

We believe the best results are produced through collaboration, integrating our knowledge and expertise with your industry experience. Once we intimately understand the cause of your problem we apply our focus to engineering the best possible solution.

We build applications focused on delivering results. Nobody understands your specific goals or hurdles better than you. Combining our clients’ business and customer insights with our creativity and technical expertise is a proven path to success.


A catalyst makes change happen. We think deeply about the challenges our clients ask us to solve, probing the variables creating difficulties, and the elements that can be manipulated to create better results. We figure stuff out. We are restless when it comes to applying new paradigms to how we approach our work. We are confident in who we are and what we do.


We are creatives. UI and code are our mediums. We act boldly to overcome barriers, and put aside egos to embrace learning when new evidence suggests a better way to do something. Evolution requires experimentation. The boundaries of technology are our inspiration for creativity; there to build around, through or over. We create with purpose, putting our creativity to work and delivering beyond expectations.


Catalyst is a group of people navigating life AND work, together. We choose to be real and always advocate for authenticity with each other and our clients. We embrace a culture which combines calm and crazy because that’s what life is like.

Meet the crew

We’re a high performance team combining a diverse array of skill sets and personalities. We enjoy what we do, and we love succeeding. We’re normal like that. We do share one exceptional characteristic: an obsession to deliver products that work.

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Iain Mackenzie

Managing Director

Jonathan Turck

Principal Android Engineer, TD

Chris Kilpin

Principal iOS Engineer, CD

Riaan Murugan

Senior Tester

Ashveer Munilal

Senior Android Engineer

Greg Bales

iOS Engineer

Blake Loizides

Senior iOS Engineer

Jemma Badenhorst

Project Manager

Barry Hughes

Business Development Manager

Katherine Chambers

iOS Engineer

Tristan Currin

Business Analyst

Amy van Niekerk

Android Engineer

Ian Owira

Web Engineer

Anro Swart

Senior IOS Engineer

Ashley Urombo

Senior Android Engineer

Joel Dickson

Web Engineer

Savan Padalyia

Full Stack / Magento Engineer

Genevieve Naidoo

UI/UX Designer

Aaron Willie


People who trust us

We work with organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries, tackling areas ranging from ecommerce and customer relationship management to logistics and inventory tracking. We can help whether you’re serving customers, clients, communities or colleagues.

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