About our company

Our four founders took the leap from employee to entrepreneur and converted their years of experience in the gaming industry into a boutique studio with an exceptionally high level of capability. The relentless commitment to delivering exceptional products instilled in them during their corporate years resulted in a steady growth of blue chip clients and the development of a team with a shared ethos of excellence only, always.

What we offer

We emphasize collaboration because we know the same solution to the same problem does not work for everyone. We work with you to do the things you couldn’t on your own to take your business to the next level.

You know your business inside and you need a partner who knows their own just as well. You’re probably an expert on your company. We don’t know as much as you do about it, but we are experts on ours!

Our approach

Building digital products is a process; one we help you with from beginning to end, and beyond. We’ve refined our approach over countless briefs, sprints, projects and deadlines. We know you can’t skip on the fundamentals, and you can’t succeed without a plan. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience developing both.

Our industry is continually advancing and we are committed to ensuring we’re constantly up to date on the latest in new technology, software and technique. We don’t strive to reach benchmarks. We prefer to set them.


A great application starts with visually appealing and intuitive interfaces. We collaborate with you using tools like Figma to wireframe, prototype and create designs to ensure that your customers experience the best. We balance form and function, creating applications with fantastic aesthetics and flawless UI without compromising on utility to provide the best possible experience for the user.


Development is our passion and we firmly believe in using the right technology for the job. We specialize in building native iOS and Android apps in Kotlin and Swift as well as core business Web applications that integrate with any types of backends. We supplement this core competency with other technologies like React Native and React if the project calls for it. A great application is nothing without a performant backend and we are able to create custom backends using technologies like Go, Node.js, Php and other leading technology stacks.

Lifecycle Management

It goes without saying that all our development and design is supported by a thorough testing and project management team to ensure that products delivered are at the highest level of quality and we provide full transparency into our process. After the go live of a product, the fun begins and we offer ongoing app enhancement and support services as well as input into your Digital Strategy and product management.

Talk today, build tomorrow

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